Ask Mung “Anything As Long As It Ain’t Stupid!”

Ask Mung


Love your column bro. Question: Where did you get the ability to break down complicated sports issues into stuff the average guy can understand? Keep up the good work.

Dale D., Selma, AL


Well Dale, that’s sure one tough question to digest. I ain’t quite sure how to answer that. Let me get back to you on that one.

Hi Mung,

Do you think Browns owner Jimmy Haslem is telling the truth when he said he didn’t order the team to draft Johnny Manziel?

Fred & Thelma L., Marietta, OH


I’ve been pondering that very question for the better part of all day today folks and I just can’t buy into it. Seems to me that GM Ray Farmer is fallin’ on the sword for his boss. Owners are like bosses everywhere. They hate takin’ the heat for their dumbass moves. My daughter Brandi Sue serves at Hooters and she had a great idea for a chicken sandwich. They sold a sh**tload, but when she asked for a raise her boss told her it was his idea. But I’ll tell ‘ya what. If this Manziel boy turns it around Haslam will be the first guy takin’ the credit.

Hey Mung,

We love your great insight! What do you make of Marshawn Lynch’s post game interview after the win against Arizona?

Chuck and Leslie D., Tucson, AZ


Man that dude’s got some pair of stones. Every question they asked, he said the same thing – “Thanks you”…”Thank you for asking”…”I know, thank you for asking…”
Guys, I don’t know where his gripes with reporters comes from, but he sure ain’t worth talkin’ to. Yeah, he had one hell of a touchdown run lookin’ like an outta control tow truck, but if he’s gonna pull a dummy act like that, well hell, they shouldn’t bother with him.


Is Rex Ryan history with the Jets?

Corrine T., Valley Stream, NY


I hate to say it but ‘ol Rex is deader than the dude those boys propped up in “Weekend At Bernies.” Four wins is four wins and even though the players say they love the guy, well heck — they sure didn’t show it. Six years ain’t a bad run. Maybe Rex is just more suited to bein’ a defensive coordinator.