God, the Devil & Geno Smith

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God stood up and pounded his fist on his desk. “Sacrilege! This Colonel Sanders is an insult to the chicken world!” His secretary Evelyn Lincoln buzzed him.

“Everything OK in there pops?” she asked in her nasally voice. Just then the Devil whisked past her and into God’s office.

“Did you see this joker?” asked the Lord. “Darrell Hammond just took a backseat to Adam Sandler as the worst piece of crap in Hollywood!”

Darrell Hammond

Darrell Hammond: Despicable portrayal of Colonel Sanders

The Devil grabbed a seat, kicked his red boots onto God’s old wooden desk and popped a handful of Jawbreakers into his mouth. “What can ‘ya do big guy. I doubt Norm MacDonald’s gonna be any more realistic. After all, I see the real Colonel downstairs every day.” The subject then turned to football.

“Hmm. Jawbreakers. Reminds me of Geno Smith. What was that all about Devil?”

Satan flipped a red one into his mouth. “You know me, I couldn’t let the Jets get off to a clean start. I whispered a few words of wisdom into┬áIkemefuna Enemkpali’s ear and then, wham! Smith’s out six-to-ten and your boys are chasin’ the Pats with Ryan Fitzpatrick.”

Geno Smith Sucker Punched

Geno Smith Sucker Punched (photo by SNY)

“Always something. Devil, you knew damn well they weren’t going anywhere this season. Sometimes I think you just do stuff like this to piss me off.”

“That’s what I do big guy,” said Satan with a sweep of his arm. “Wait ’till you see what I have for store for the Jets in Week Six.”


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