Was That Really Geno Smith in Miami?

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It was just another quiet Sunday December morning in Heaven. In the Student Union Gandhi was in a heated ping pong match with Che Guevara; Paul Newman was hustling “The Big Bopper” at a nearby pool table and Johnny Unitas was sitting in front of the 2000-foot HDTV thumbing through the sports section shaking his head. “Man, that Geno Smith is God-awful.” Suddenly there was a tap on his shoulder. It was God.

“Gotta a minute Johnny-U?”

Johnny Unitas

NFL great Johnny Unitas gets an odd request from God

Unitas, beet red tossed the paper aside. “Absolutely Father, what’s up?”

God adjusted his flowing robe and sat down next to the former Colts great. “How would you like to play for the Jets today in Miami?” Unitas looked terrified.

“Jets — Miami — ’69 Super Bowl…Is this some sort of cruel joke?” God smiled. “Damn right I’ll play.”

“Awesome Johnny, you’ve always been a great team player. Now here’s the thing. You’re not gonna be Johnny Unitas. You’re gonna be Geno Smith.” Unitas looked down at his hands and then gave the Lord a long, blank stare. “I know it’s sounds a little confusing but it’ll make sense in the end.”

So there he was — Johnny Unitas, the three-time NFL MVP, in the body of Jets  Geno Smith — nailing completions Jets fans had never seen before from the second year quarterback.  “What’s gotten into Geno Smith?” asked the network play-by-play broadcaster. “Where’s he been all year?” Jets fans across the nation wondered the same thing.

Geno Smith

Something strange happened to Geno Smith in Miami (Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

When the dust settled the Jets won 37-24 and Unitas — er, Smith completed 20 of 25 pass attempts for a career-high 358 yards and three td’s  and a passer rating of 158.3, tops in the NFL this season. In the Jets locker Unitas/Smith told the media, “I have complete confidence in myself but consistency is the thing that I’m searching for and I’m getting better with.”

Later that afternoon as the Jets took the team bus back to Miami International Airport, Unitas’ soul left Smith’s body and returned to Heaven where he was greeted with wild cheers from a packed Student Union. FDR stood up, pumped his fist and yelled, “Way to go Johnny!” Marquis de Lafayette stood and gave Unitas a deep respectful bow. Johnny Unitas showed that an old guy — even a dead one — could still do the job and a far better one than a recent number two draft pick. God smiled warmly and gave him a big hug. “I’m proud of you JU.”

Marquis de Lafayette

Unitas even gets a respectful bow from Marquis de Lafayette

“It was great playing again,” said Unitas. “I still had some pain in my throwing arm, but no biggie. By the way Father, why was this game so important?”

“Oh, it wasn’t so much having Smith go out on a good note as it was for Rex Ryan. The big man gave me a lot of laughs over the past six years and considering what’ll happen to him tomorrow, I thought I’d have him go out with a bang. But don’t worry — he’ll have his day in a better place.”

Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan heads home one last time



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